Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Abdullah

Hadeel is an outstanding Realtor, she is always prepared fast and to the point. She was able to make it for a suitable time according to my schedule.I have always recommended Hadeel to friends and family. I definitely think you guys as a team are great

By: Christopher Duffy

I’m happy to provide feedback on Hadeel. She is a very assertive and knowledgeable partner, and I firmly believe she has our best interests at heart. Hadeel has established a strong relationship with my banking partner at HSBC which adds a lot of value for us. I trust her team to manage my property effectively and guard our interests, and ensure good tenants. She is very accessible and quickly answers any concerns or questions. On top of all this, Hadeel is a lovely person to work with and very professional.

By: Wedad

Before choosing a real estate agent, I conducted a lot of research to see who would be the best choices based on the investment they make into selling the property(time, effort and financially)and how they promote our listings. Hadeel Haidar and her team stood out as the best in the GTA, their social media presence was strong and I can tell they put a lot of work into our listing. Her hard work and knowledge of what it takes to sell a home really paid off. She is a true professional and a genuinely wonderful person. I realize it won't be always this easy to sell your home, but I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a better realtor.

By: Hisham Husseini

“Hadeel is one of the most dedicated and professional agents in GTA who treat clients with integrity and trust and honesty and advice. It’s been a pleasure working with Hadeel and always helped me achieve my real estate investment goals and needs”